Why to Use Apps for Mothers?

According to the statistics*, by 2017 a staggering number of 268,692 million apps will be downloaded on users’ mobile devices.  But why are these apps so popular?  And what’s in it for you? What’s special about apps for mothers? Apps, as you know, are mini computer programmes that run on your mobile devices. While many of us have a…


Reduce Stress and Calm Your Mind in 7 minutes

The parenting stress doesn’t leave any of the mothers untouched. Regardless whether you are in your postnatal period and further in the first years of parenting, experienced mother or a first time mother, down-to-earth mother or celebrity mum, we all go through the same sleep deprivation, lifestyle changes, period of adaptation and tiredness trying to…


Top 5 Exercises to Lose Your Mummy Tummy

The core of the body is an area that carries out the main load during pregnancy. Limited physical activity and natural body changes make core muscles stretched and weakened in the postpartum period. As a result, new mothers often experience back pain, discomfort in pelvic area and wobbly mummy tummy. However, exercises to strengthen your…