Help your children learn with your JUST your phone & for FREE!

 Now… we are not suggesting to leave your little ones Phone alone… instead we’ve found some GREAT ways to help your baby and young children learn and develop with the use of built in features on your phone!

Here’s the perfect opportunity to entertain or settle your little ones with these engaging ideas!

1. Time It!

All our little ones love a race, so why not use the stopwatch or timer to make a competitive activity for your children that equally (try’s!) to help to shorten the morning school and bedtime routines! Give your child the phone and show them how to use the timer themselves to record for dressing and undressing, brushing teeth and collecting toys!

2. …5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

If your child liked the previous game, then this time get them into competition mode and use the stopwatch! For example, get dressed in 5 minutes, or 10 minutes for a jigsaw to help their development skills at the same time! And Go! Oh… and you have your own 3 minutes to put mascara on both eyes! This one’s great if there are siblings, you could even make reward charts for a weekly challenge!

3. Spy Game!

The compass app is brilliant app if you are playing in the garden, park or even inside the home to make into a spy game! Hide toys around the room or garden and give your child the direction on the compass app. For children 6-8 years. Why not make it more exciting and suggest they dress up.. various attire or superhero?!


Or…if your feeling more adventurous….

Have a sit down with a (hot!) drink and pick an idea for your little one… For instance, “hide this ball which is a magic sign for an alliance behind the bush on the right.” No ball handy? Use a stick (a magic one of course) and put it  8 wide steps away from Daddy or the Kitchen to set the trail for ad adventure! Let them feel like the big explorer with their compass!

4. Paparazzi!

If you need some time for cooking or 10 minutes for exercising with your FitMama App and your little one is around, ask them to be a paparazzi and make photos whilst you’re cooking, exercising or tidying up the room!

5. Weekend Snaps

Make a point before the weekend that they you are going to play photographer together on the weekend activities! Let them take photos of their favourite food, teddy bears picnic, ducks in the park, anything they find exciting! If your on school holidays or fancy a enhancing their fine motor skills and creativity, you could get some photos printed and get them to make a collage! A great idea for attention and memory development is to get the to copy the picture and draw on their own too!

6. Dates

A great one if your child is no longer in the toddler phase and learning dates and times… give them the calendar and show them how to schedule in their friends birthday parties or help him to schedule weekend plans like a day trip out! If they can read, help them do so or if not, help them learn by selecting dates and times. They sure will feel like a clever grown up afterwards!

7. Hot or Cold?

The built in weather app is a great one to use in the morning and in the evening. Check the weather for today and discuss what clothes to wear, check the weather forecast for the weekend and discuss the plans for a weekend

8. Arty Farty

Every time your kids are doing crafting or another art activity – let them make a picture of their masterpiece and send it to relatives and friends via phone or email!

9. It’s about Time!

It’s a great, yet sometimes challenging thing to teach your child time-management! If your little learner if asking to watch a movie or an app or a game to play, negotiate with them first how long they will play for and set an alarm. Offer them SIRI or another voice recognition app to talk to for example, “Set up alarm in 20 minutes”. You’ll see they’ll be more committed to the deadlines if they’ve set up them up themselves and their memory will process this more!

10. Top Reporter

Start your little one with their wild imagination and get the in the mode of being a reporter! Put the news on even and tell them they can learn how to be a news reporter! Let them use the notepad on your phone and practice making lists… give them a shopping list or they could write pretend letters to friends to arrange a playday or party. Or building up the Santa Clause list – even if its summer at the moment is always a winner!

11. Calculator

A game for 5-6 years old’s… calculate how many sweets you can buy for £3..depending on your rules of course and ask them to then calculate who they would invite to share the sweets and how many they would get each. This could be a good incentive for building up to the weekend for good behaviour!

12. Sing a long

Use the video on your camera or the voice memo and record get your child to record themselves singing. Or if you need an energy boost, this is great for parents to join in to! Great little funny to send family or nursery friends. You may just start a trend! This definitely suits all ages!

13. Melody!

Open up the ringtones options or in alerts and allow your child to play with the melodies. Especially good for babies and toddlers to develop their senses! Makes for a great entertaining task for them, whilst it buys you some time for example whilst in the kitchen

14. Fun Run!

Use the timer to referee a home fun run, or outside if it’s a nice day! make up a sequence of activities you child can do one after the other. Let’s say do a small roly-poly, jump over the piles of books, crawl under the table, hop to the lines of spots, walk by the side of the skipping rope, crawl into the box and jump into a basket away from the toys! However much you can manage without comprising on space and safety, make this a fun game for the kids!

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