15 Kids Activities with Birthday Cards, Boxes and Wrapping Paper

Kids’ Birthday Ended? Do not rush putting away the Birthday cards, boxes and huge amounts of wrapping paper into the recycling bin. There are plenty of entertaining and learning kids activities for your children to play and develop their early years skills at the same time.

1. Jigsaw Puzzle – 1.5 yrs +

This game is quite good for little ones to practice jigsaw puzzles with and therefore improve their constructive reasoning skills.

If your child is around 1,5 year old, cut any imagine in two or more pieces and let your child reassemble it back – “Let’s put 2 parts together”.

If you think that your child is ready for a challenge, then cut the card image into 4, 6 or even 10 pieces and then restore the image together! What an exciting way to play with old cards.

2. Let’s Draw  – 2 yrs+

Use post cards to practice some drawing with your child. Encourage them to add any funny elements to the images on them. It can be the Sun, The Stars, the Moon, the Rain or even funny faces. Even for young toddlers, this is a great chance to improve their fine motor skills by practising drawing with pens or paints. Alternatively, let them use stickers on the cards.

If your children are older, you could ask them to match the colours on the cards, copy illustrations or add stars or hearts onto the lovely card materials! Or make it more entertaining with funny faces of everyone in the family!

3. Postman – 2.5 yrs +

A role-play game for kids –  the Postman! Firstly, dress your child with a bag to put across their shoulders and a hat, then spread out their toys all over the house because they’ll all be waiting for the letters and post cards. You can mark them with the name of the toys or just tell your child “this letter goes to the Teddy Bear who lives in his den under the table”.

Then one by one your child will deliver all the cards to all the toys in their different ‘houses’. Take your time to relax on the sofa, boost your energy or quick exercises from FitMama App!

You can add a touch of reading and writing skills development to this game. If your child has started reading, you can let them read the names of the toys with your help…. Or even write them down on the cards!

4. Where is A – 3 yrs +

Use the cards to introduce some letters to your child.

Show your child a letter ‘O’ or ‘A’ on one of the cards they received this Birthday and help your child find all the ‘O’s or ‘A’s on all other cards. Your early learners would be excited to understand the letters and prepare for reading.

Unless your children is old enough and can read the whole lot of birthday greetings!

5. Storytelling with cards – 3 yrs +

This learning kids activities develop children’s imagination. Pick up a few postcards and place them in a row in order of storytelling… “It’s a wonderful day and a happy rabbit is picking up flowers in his garden”, “and the princess is wearing her best outfit to congratulate the birthday kid!” If your little one enjoys using their imagination, this indoor game may just keep them busy for a little while!

6. Craft making – 3.5 yrs +

If your kid got plenty of birthday cards then use the moments to re-cycle the cards in a beneficial way for all of you!

Let the children cut out some elements from the card illustrations, then let them stick the elements onto a big piece of paper in any way they want, using glue or just sellotape. The more elements the kids cut out the cards, the longer they’ll be engaged with this learning kids activity.

And the longer they’ll practice their fine motor skills. Ta-da!

7. Making shapes – 2 yrs +

A great learning activity that lets your child calm down and learn shapes. Using cards gives more advantages comparing to the normal paper because of their high-density quality.

Show your child how to outline or trace a circle, a stamp, a seal and produce more and more circles….colour them in and count them up! Let them outline other objects around the house – plastic cups left from the Birthday party or simply your hands and feet. If you have some time why not hole-punch through the top of all the circles and string them together to make a nice birthday wall hanging banner with kids sure to be happy from their famous art around the house!

8. Awards – 3.5 yrs +

Use the post cards’ paper to cut circles (medals) out, then let your child draw & paint the awards or medals. This kids activity develops their fine motor skills and it also gives you a good opportunity to encourage the behaviour you want your kids to follow.

Give your child some rewards for good behaviour, separate to any reward charts you already use, just pick out some recent good behaviour and reward them for being nice to family and friends.

9. Cork printing – 3 yrs +

Pour a small amount of paint of different colours into small bowls and show your children how to leave a print on cards with a cork dipped into paint. Or use the kitchen sponge cut into smaller pieces.

This can keep your child busy for quite a while and use up the birthday cards for their own creativity.

Why use the Birthday cards? They are more moisture resistant compared to normal paper due to their higher density.

10. Measuring sizes – 3+ year old

A true educational and brilliant game to get kids engaged with this quiet activity.

Give them a measuring tape and show them how to measure boxes or any other objects. For older kids, let them input the sizes into a table to compare.

Then offer them to arrange the boxes by size – by height or length. Older siblings can measure the volume of the boxes by counting how many toys can be stored into each box.

11. Piggy Bank – 1,5+ year old

Make a large hole in a spare box and let your little one drop his small toys into the box. When it’s full, open the box and take the toys out one after another, counting and naming them. You could use an empty wet wipes box with a readymade hole on the top and give him some smaller objects to drop inside the box.

12. Tearing paper – 6 months old +

This game is ideal for little children. Take wrapping paper that’s left from Birthday gifts, and slowly tear one piece apart in front of your baby. Say: “Tearing, tearing, tearing it all up!” Then throw bits of paper up and say: “Whoosh, it’s snowing!” Then take the next piece, put it into your baby’s hands and help them tear it up, repeating the comments.

This is a great stress-buster for you, too, so enjoy it! Just make sure that the paper is safe for your kids’s age.

13. Paper Ball – 2.5+ year old

Offer them a football or basketball with…paper balls. Get your wrapping paper left from birthday gifts. Recycle it to make paper balls.

Now, offer your children to throw them one by one into a box – any container will do. It can be on the floor or on your sofa – an imitation of real basketball. Or you can pull out a chair and pretend it’s a football game! So, come on!

One more option – they can use toilet rolls and play golf into the same chair – hole in one!

14. Unwrapping Presents – 8 months old +

There is always room for a good training of unwrapping gifs for the next Christmas.

In addition, this learning kids activity develops fine motor skills and teaches your child to use his little fingers like an expert!

Wrap several medium-size toys with leftovers of wrapping paper and here you go … Show them how to open one and you’ll get your few minute of free time.

15. Recycling Box – 3.5yrs+

This is the final game that teaches children responsible habits and hopefully you’ll get a helping hand with tidying up the house!

Take a medium sized box and cut a large hole at the top; big enough to drop papers and any other items that could be recycled in. Let your child paint or colour in the box. They could use green like for a standard recycling bin, but you can let them be as creative as they like!

So, finally all the wrapping paper and the Birthday cards leftovers can be recycled and be dropped into the box.

Our children really enjoyed making the recycling box and making magical stories with the pictures! What’s your kids favourite?

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