15 Learning Activities For Kids Around Decorating Xmas Tree

Time for decorating Christmas tree? Surely it’s one of the most festive moments of the month that kids are very excited about. Some of them are already experienced and will involve themselves with this to the full. For others, this will be their first time. However, as setting up a Xmas tree is not a 5-minute activity (unlike the FitMama app Superset), below we suggest how to keep your kids busy and helpful and to create unique life-long family memories. As well as to develop their cognitive, fine and gross motor skills.

How about these ideas?

1. Bauble Sizing.

In addition to placing baubles on the tree branches, give your kids an idea how you want big baubles or smallest baubles to be on a tree. For instance, ‘Place big baubles at the bottom.’ Or ‘Place small baubles first.’ At least range the baubles by sizes first before placing them on a tree.

2. Helpful Hands.

This won’t’ save lots of time but will give a feeling of important engagement to your little ones. Even toddlers are able to help you!

Ask them to bring the decorations one by one. Name their colour, size or any attributes. This is an easy way to develop their cognitive skills. This game can be used every day for tiding up the room – just describe to your little one what toy exactly you ask them to pick and bring to the toy box.

3. Fingerprinted Baubles

Kids want to leave their fingerprint on the baubles? Amazing opportunity to make a memory of the moment. Pick few plain baubles, put paint onto their palms and put a bauble into it.

If your kids are old enough for painting then let them paint their own decoration on the baubles.

Found here. Take a look at our Pinterest board if you are eager to do more!

4. Xmas Crafts

If you are ready to give your kids some time to make the decorations of their own while you are setting up the tree, here is many ways they can do easy crafts that kids will be proud to see on the tree.

Use old Xmas cards or wrapping paper prints, let them cut out some elements and glue them onto a plain piece of paper to make the composition of their own. You can even make a circle shaped paper to inspire them to decorate a ‘’bauble”. Brilliant activity to develop their fine motor skills.

For more ideas about Xmas crafts please have a look at our recent blog

5. Coloured Baubles.

This is the easiest way to keep your kids busy with decorations if, again, you think they can’t be helpful with a big tree by any reason (safety, for instance). Cut out the circles out of paper and let your kids decorate them themselves. You can later stick it on walls or room doors.

6. Mini Xmas Tree

In case your big tree is too high for your kids to décor, give them any smaller alternative like a simple tree branch and let them decorate it their own way. If you can’t give them a real tree piece then give them a paper tree. This is safer and they can use their creativity to make decoration on their own.

7. Counting

To use the moment to develop their math skills, ask your kids to count the baubles. To make it less simple, ask them to count the red ones and blue ones separately.

8. Garlands

One more way to make decorations of their own. Use Christmas cards to stick them on a string and place it on around the Christmas tree. What can kids do here? Let them group the cards by sizes, stick them by pegs. That will develop their fine motor skills.

Found here at our Pinterest board.

9. Photo Shoot

This is the things that all children love doing. Encourage them to take pictures of the Christmas tree. To make it more interesting you can ask them to make snapshots during the process: just a tree, tree with the first baubles, the fully decorated tree! Or even video and let them make comments. That would be fantastic memories to keep from year to year.

10. Baby – sightseeing

In case you’ve just had a baby there is still an exciting moment to use to get them involved if not into decorating but at least into simply observing. This is their main way so far to explore the world! Do not miss it!

Put your baby into their holder facing out to the room and walk slowly along the bookshelves and pictures on the wall. Comment on what you’re seeing. “This is the thick old book about… a big bear and this is a nice red book with lovely images. This circle is a clock and these are long candles.”

11. Siblings Activities

To make this family activity fun and still avoid any competitive behaviour, ask each one of the siblings to place the baubles of one colour: one is doing the red, another is doing blue. One on the right side of the tree, another – on the left.

12. Wood Sticks

We include this activity out of the list of Xmas Crafts as this is a way to make Christmas tree decoration themselves.

All you need is… glue and wood sticks. If you manage to buy them in a craft store then you can keep those kids busy for long time.

Found here. Take a look at our Pinterest board for more ideas!

13. Making A Story

To boost their imagination and develop speech during decorating a tree, encourage them to make a story out of decoration characters. Snowman can come to visit the Nutcracker. What would they do together? Tea? Chat? Or writing letters to Father Xmas?

14. A Personal Touch

After the tress is ready, let the kids place their favourite things and toys around the tree. Ask them why these things exactly and what do you think they will talk with Father Xmas about? What would they tell him about our family? What new things have happened this year? A baby-sister arrived? What other happy moments would they mention? Help your kids to remember them and therefore fill themselves with gratitude feeling.

15. Sharing The Memories

Are there any Xmas decorations that keep the memory about you or your kids? When taking any of those out, remind your kids by telling the stories which they might not even remember but can be linked with the tree decorations. Give them an extra moment of feeling loved.

Your tree is set up, new memories are made, Xmas spirit is boosted.

This is what Christmas is about, isn’t it? – Love, kindness and gratitude.

Christmas Humour
December 10, 2017

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