6 Easy Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

If you’re on a budget or want to give something a little more personal this year, you can’t go wrong with these fab homemade crafts as gift ideas for Dad.

Let the kids get crafty making a scribble mug or why not let the kids show how much they love their father with a personalised 6 pack of treats!

1. Super Dad Pop Box Set from Lil Luna

We’ve seen many variations of this idea but this ‘Super Dad’ theme has to be our favourite. You don’t have to do exactly as this tutorial shows, get creative with how you fill the bottles and decorate the holder. We’d fill the bottles with sweets, nuts, coffee beans (or even leave a few with beer in) and decorate the holder by collaging with things Dad loves!

2. Scribble Mug from I Heart Arts N Crafts

You can never have too many mugs, and any dad would surely be proud to add this to his collection! Perfect for children of any age to get involved with, the messier it gets the more charming the result. A great way to develop your toddlers and smaller children’s skills too! A bit like our PlayMama App! Write a message or create a cool design and pop in the oven to set – it really is as easy as that!

3. Framed Father’s Day questionnaire from Daffodil Design

For Father’s Day on a budget, you won’t find a gift this frugal and this lovely anywhere else. Just get your little one to answer questions about their Dad, or answer about your own (the sillier the better!) type up, print off and pop in a cheap frame. Add any decorations you fancy to finish it off and you have a perfect, thoughtful, homemade gift for next to nothing!

4. Pocket Watch Photo Album from The Mother Huddle

For the classy guy in your life, this pocket watch photo album is the perfect present! We think it would be just perfect for a special granddad filled with pictures of his children and grandchildren. You could even add messages for an even more personal touch! Why no make an afternoon playtime with this!

Get the kids in the garden or play dress up and have a photoshoot! Playing with the kids to make photos not only keeps the kids busy, helps their development but makes great memories for you all! See our easy garden games for extra games afterwards!

5. Superhero Father’s Day card from Glued to My Crafts

Kids’ handprints and footprints are such a great way to make easy Father’s Day cards that will mean a lot. We especially liked this simple kids craft idea from Glued to My Crafts but there are loads of others out there to suit his individual taste (we also love this Star Wars idea from I Heart Arts N Crafts).

You and your little one will have great fun bonding as they dip their hands or feet in the paint and print onto the card. Just be sure to do this outside or with newspaper down for messy kids!!


6. M&M Father’s Day card from Crafty Morning

Who doesn’t love M&M’s?! This card couldn’t be easier to make out of just a couple of items – and no mess to clear up either! We think dads will enjoy this humorous idea, and the M&Ms too! Let your imagination run wild with the puns you can make to suit his choice in sweets. Liquorice….’all sorts’, Jelly… ‘babies’… Smarties …’smarty’…

For more ideas for what to get dads this Father’s Day, check out our Father’s Day Pinterest board.

Don’t forget the are two easy things you can do for YOU whilst you sat on the floor or  watching kids paint – get in a quick 5 Min FitMama to re-boost your Mum energy, or if you need to keep baby entertained whilst older kids make crafts and your all out of new ideas, open PlayMama, pick babys age mood and place and Play!

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