5 Quick & Easy Easter Recipes from BeHappyMum

EASTER Sunday is just a few days away and what kind of Easter would it be without something SWEET?

Get the whole FAMILY to don their aprons this weekend and get CREATIVE in the kitchen making gifts for others or TREATS for yourselves.

Measuring out ingredients is a great way to develop your CHILD’S maths skills and, unlike maths homework, you’ll get something tasty to EAT at the end!

1. Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles from Wine & Glue

What’s not to like about these colourful little eggs? They almost look too lovely to eat. Almost…

Lisa from Wine & Glue has even made a free Easter PRINTABLE so you can package them up and give them to friends. Let the kids help with DIPPING and DRIZZLING and enjoy with a BIG, hot cup of tea.

2. Edible Easter Bowls from Kids Stuff World

We think these edible bowls look uber impressive and they’re actually pretty SIMPLE to make…

Let the kids get creative with DECORATING the bowls and fill them with your favourite SWEETS or even pudding on Easter Sunday. Kids Stuff World suggests popping in some berries and cream – YUM!

3. Bunny ear macaroons from Sugar & Cloth

This DIY is so simple yet so effective. Let the kids COLOUR IN and design the little bow ties and ears while you cut them out and carefully STICK them on. Et Voila!

Lovely to use as place settings for an Easter LUNCH or TEA, or package them up in little bunches to give as GIFTS! (Or Just eat them after a well earned treat after a FitMama workout!)

4. Cheesecake-filled Chocolate Eggs from Raspberri Cupcakes

How fab do these look? You can use READY-MADE hollow eggs for extra EASE, or make your own if you’d like.

Either way, these look so IMPRESSIVE and the kids (and big kids alike) will love dipping in some toasted brioche for a sweet take on EGGS and soldiers!

5. Easy Easter cornflake cakes from Hobbycraft Blog

In our eyes, you just can’t beat a CLASSIC chocolate Easter nest filled with yummy Mini Eggs! Super simple with NO BAKING required, a lot of you will probably have your own tried and tested method but if not, Hobbycraft will take care of that!

The KIDS can help with everything from MIXING to SPOONING into the cases and popping Mini Eggs on top and they’ll be so proud when these come out of the FRIDGE!

What’s your favourite Easter food Mums? Don’t forget, Mums need their treats too!

After the days out with your children, the extra moaning and crying whilst the babies, toddlers and big kids are at home, Easter needs to be relaxing!

Making food with your little one is a great way for them to learn, and for you to spend quality time with your family…And let’s face it – all Mother need comfort in chocolate sometimes!

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Happy Easter x

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