Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks

Whatever your reasons are to prefer non-alcoholic drinks at the parties, there is no excuse to compromise on taste. Whether waiting for a baby or breastfeeding, driving tonight or skipping an alcohol drink just for today to make a detox break, there are plenty of alternative non-alcoholic party drinks that hopefully won’t disappoint you in taste and concept.

Virgin Mary

This alcohol-free version of Bloody Mary is ideal for your detox-days which give you a very important rest during fantastic though exhausting festive months.

Peach Sunrise Mocktail

Brilliant alternative to Tequilla sunrise. Make sure you have some Grenadine syrup to sweeten up all your drinks.

Pink Gratefruit Margarita

One more cocktail, with grapefruit juice this time if it is what you prefer.

Apple and Ginger Fizz

Easy 1-minute recipe with apple juice and ginger ale so you won’t regret your dry choice of the day.

Rosemary Citrus Spritzer

More time-consuming yet still sophisticated recipe with herbal hint. In case your friends get interested or even jealous of the taste of your non-alcoholic party drink then offer them to add a splash of vodka or gin. You are a taste-setter of the party!

Orange Cranberry Spritz (by James Martin)

Who would have thought what orange and cranberry juice combination might bring with a help of Elderflower drink.

Mulled apple juice (BBC Foods)

Festive month or apres-ski party? Keep your heart warm and your body indulged with Mulled Apple juice without any of alcohol.

Christmas punch (Lakeland)

This recipe can become a true centre of attention for the festive party.

Non-alcoholic Eggnog (Home Cooking)

This recipe will take some time of yours to cook it however even the kids can share the pleasure of taste with you.

For more non-alcoholic festive party drinks take a peek at our Pinterest board and some helpful links below:

Christmas Humour
December 10, 2017

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