Christmas Tips For Guilt-Free Festive Time

Of course, the holiday season is a time for some well-earned indulgence!

But it’s all too easy to go bonkers and put on some extra padding along the way, especially if you’ve just had a baby or a growing brood!

The trick is to balance the festive fun with some of these healthy Christmas tips – so you can have your cake and eat it!

1. Be clever with drinks.

Yes, you’ve heard it before – but it really does pay to have a glass of WATER between every alcoholic drink, because it helps cut down the calories and reduce the likelihood of a killer hangover. And if, heaven forbid, you do find yourself a little ‘sluggish’ (!) the next morning, try a mug of HOT water and LEMON first thing. An infusion of hot water and root ginger is also great for a dodgy tum…

If you’ve just given birth and deserved an overdue night off – this may e key for the morning after the new mum fun 😉

2. Give away temptation.

You’ve thrown a wonderful party or FESTIVE meal – congratulations! So instead of munching through leftovers for the next few days (mince pie for breakfast, anyone?), why not wrap the best of the leftovers in some pretty packaging and give them to your guests as they leave? Or you could give them to FRIENDS and neighbours, or to a local shelter or day centre if there’s one nearby. And you’ll get so much PLEASURE from the giving…

3. Just 5 Minutes of Exercising !

Our 5-10 minute FitMama App workouts really come into their own at this time of year, when it’s even harder for BUSY MUMS to fit regular exercise into their days. If your baby is restless or simply needs entertaining, do the quick exercise in front of baby for some giggles, whilst helping your post-pregnancy body too!

Do not miss a chance to exercise at home while doing housework, watching favourite Xmas movies with kids or going out with them to the playground. A Little exercising works even better!

So start now and by New Year’s Eve you’ll have extra ENERGY, a better mood and of course you’ll look even more stunning in your FAVOURITE LBD – even after some Christmas indulgence!

4. Do the dress test…

Talking of party dresses…don’t stress yourself out by frantic scale watching over CHRISTMAS. Instead, why not try on your New Year’s Eve party DRESS a few times during the festive season as a little check. And if it’s becoming a wee bit snug, just cut back for a couple of days (and fit in a QUICK FitMama workout!). Simple – and far kinder to yourself mums… If you are struggling with finding festive dresses for breastfeeding or maternity – then see our collection of best styles!

5. Find time to sleep.

Did you know that the amount of SLEEP you get affects various hunger hormones? It’s true – when you don’t have enough sleep your BODY produces an excess of the hunger hormone ghrelin and not enough of the hormone (leptin) which tells your BRAIN you’re full. Particularly if your children don’t sleep well, you don’t sleep well or if your baby is a newborn – this is KEY! So don’t burn midnight oil every NIGHT – unless you want the Christmas munchies!


6. Celebrate with the girls!

Christmas is the time to CELEBRATE with family and friends – so why not make one gorgeous, treat-filled evening with ‘the girls’ the focus of your festive indulgence? (Apart from Christmas dinner, of course!) Gather at someone’s home or a COSY pub and enjoy your favourite treats together – so much nicer than SNACKING on Christmas goodies alone!

7. Add new foods to your festive menu

If you’ve had a couple of heavy FOOD days – lots of meat and carbs, for example – then why not find some festive RECIPES for fish and vegetables to BALANCE it out? If you have a baby, why not make some homemade food with some festive veggies! Swede and carrot can often go down well. Chances are your family will appreciate the change too – and you’ll end up with some NEW recipes in your repertoire!

8. Join in those activities.

There are lots of festive activities that can keep you MOVING. Try helping out at children’s parties, which will certainly keep you on your toes. Or STEPPING out on the dance floor at those Christmas parties – the good news being that there will always be someone far worse than you! Or how about a family WALK between films and food? Not only will you BURN a few calories; the activity and socialising will boost your HAPPY hormones too…


9. Be a food snob!

Then you TREAT yourself, avoid those everyday indulgences like crisps and chips. Instead, enjoy the luxury or festive foods you only have occasionally. You could even make a GAME of it by carefully selecting only the five most luxurious foods at every festive MEAL! However you play it, you’ll end up feeling decadent and special – without having gone overboard.

10. Pamper yourself.

Christmas treats don’t have to be edible! Why not INDULGE in some special Me-Time (you know how much we love me-time!), like a Christmas-scented BATH followed by a mani-pedi with glittery polish? You’ll end up feeling RELAXED and ready for anything – supermum!!

Have a wonderful and guilt-free festive season, mums – you deserve it!

Christmas Humour
December 10, 2017

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