Practical Breastfeeding Clothes – 6 Easy Styles

What to wear when breastfeeding in public…? We’ve made it realistic and super comfy with PRACTICAL breastfeeding clothes you probably already have!

Dressing for breastfeeding can often seem more daunting than styling a bump! There’s all sorts of logistics to think about and you might feel self-conscious about exposing too much skin. With some clever dressing using the tips below there’s no reason you can’t wear your pre-pregnancy wardrobe (or some new high street buys!) and feel comfortable AND fashionable while feeding your baby, wherever you are…

You don’t need to invest in fancy specialist breastfeeding clothes if you don’t want – layers are your friend! Wear a vest underneath another top so you can pull your top up and the vest underneath down. This helps keep your stomach covered if you’re feeling self conscious about it and gives you more freedom about the kind of tops you can wear! These tops are perfect to go under a snuggly jumper or cardigan for Winter!

1. Soft Touch Strappy Vest, £5 or 2 for £8

2. Racer Back Vest, £7.50

3. Seamfree Strappy Vest, £7.50  All M&S

Shirts and other button up tops make it easy to undo your top and create an opening to feed baby. Great news for dress lovers as you can still wear lovely shirt dresses without any worry. You can also layer shirts over vests for a cool look that’s breastfeeding friendly.

1. ASOS Denim Boyfriend Shirt, £25.00

2. New Look Striped Shirt Dress, £24.99

A big scarf is not only a lovely accessory but it’ll allow you to cover up if you want to and, if you’re out in the sun, let you keep baby’s head protected too. It can also be helpful if baby gets distracted when you’re breastfeeding around other people or in noisy places.

1.Blue Fringe Snood, £16

2. Tassel Trim Scarf, £10.00

3. Grey/Ginger Check Scarf £14.00 All Next

While investing in specialist breastfeeding tops may not be necessary, you will be thankful for your nursing bra. Go for a supportive, breathable fabric and a soft cup to keep things comfy. If you prefer pretty undies over functional, there are lots of gorgeous nursing bras to choose from!

1. M&S 2-pack Spotty Nursing Bras, £29.50

2. Heidi Klum Nursing Bra, £32.00


Loose-fitting and smock style tops look great with jeans and allow you a lot of room to manoeuvre and be able to nurse your baby. The excess fabric can allow a little more comfort for you and your little one and if you do feel self-conscious about your middle, try the vest trick from point 1!

1. Warehouse Embroidered Smock Top, £12.00

2. Boden Ladder Smock Top, £69.00

Keep an eye out on the high street for tops that fasten with zips and ties, as well as buttons. They’re a cool style feature but also uber functional for nursing mothers as they can allow you easy access. This top from Topshop is super pretty, comes in lots of colours and prints and you can easily undo the shoulder tie and pull the top down when baby needs feeding.

1. Floral Bardot Top, £26.00

2. Strappy Bardot Top, £26.00 Both Topshop

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Available in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia and Malaysia great one-stop-shop for all your needs!

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