7 FREE ways to be nice to yourself today

Make today a happy day – by giving yourself one (or more!) of these happiness-boosting treats!

Treating yourself every day is one of 10 scientifically-proven Happiness Principles. And, far from being selfish, it’s actually good for your loved ones as well.  As Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, explains: “Taking the time to boost your spirits and your energy will help you contribute to the happiness of others.”

We’ve gathered a week’s worth of our favourite FREE indulgences, so you can treat yourself every day for the next week.  Enjoy!

1.     Share your little one’s smile.

We’re sure your child’s smile makes your day.  So why don’t you take a pic of their biggest and best smile and share it with your friends? Perhaps they can do the same, and you can all congratulate yourselves on how amazing your little ones are.  And don’t forget to congratulate yourself, too – on being the best mum ever for making your baby so happy!

2.     Call someone you love.

Research shows that the sound of a loved one’s voice releases the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin at levels that compare with those produced by an actual hug. So pick up that phone right now!  Even if you can’t leave your little one for long, a simple ‘I love you’ will mean the world to you both.

3.     Make a list of why you love yourself.

Not so much a treat as a necessity – because we’re all far quicker to see the bad than the good in ourselves.  So make a real list of everything you like about yourself, and don’t forget to add the compliments that others have given you.  You’re amazing – honest!  And to your baby, you’re the most beautiful person in the world.

4.     Have an at-home facial.

Just plug ‘home facial’ into your internet search engine and you’ll find more home facial tips and recipes using everyday ingredients than you can shake a stick at!  So find your favourites, gather your ingredients and have a happy hour pampering yourself.

5.     Meditate for five minutes.

There are many 5-min meditation apps or online guides, so why not choose your favourite and enjoy a stress-busting few minutes of peace and relaxation.  Fit it in when your little one’s asleep or being looked after by someone else for maximum effect.  Check out Healthline’s list of the best meditation apps (many free)

6.     Sing!

Singing releases feelgood chemicals and draws more oxygen into the body.  If you don’t have to join a choir or go to karaoke – just sing along to the radio or your favourite CD.  And why not sing and dance with your baby at the same time for double the fun?  As Ella Fitzgerald said: ‘The only thing better than singing is more singing.’

7.     Have a reading break.

Yes, we know the mum joke:  ‘How do you make your baby cry? Settle down on the sofa with your book…’  But while it’s hard to find reading time with little ones around, the benefits are definitely worth it, as reading has been proved to make people happier. So why not have a reading break when your little one’s asleep, or you’re breastfeeding.  And with the help of a Kindle you can even read in a dark room while your baby settles for a nap.

So go on, treat yourself today – you’re worth it!

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September 7, 2015

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