13 Things You Can Only Do When You Are A Dad

Fatherhood may mean less sleep, less money and more responsibility, but it also means a whole lot more fun and all the excuses you could need for not doing the housework*!

Here are 13 things you can only do once you become a Dad!

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    1. Visit a toy store and claim that you’re choosing a remote-controlled car for your child. They don’t need to know he’s still a new-born!
    2. Take a break from housework to watch your favourite cartoons. It’s not your fault the children demanded that you sit down and watch with them…
    3. Get to have a nap in a quiet room because you’re lulling your child to sleep – while everyone admires the great job you’re doing taking on the parenting duties!
    4. Buy that new toy you’ve been wanting to play with for ages, and pretend it’s really for the kids for Christmas.
    5. Finally learn something you’ve always wanted to know when your child keeps asking you to explain how it works… thanks Google!
    6. Always have someone to pass you the TV remote while you relax on the sofa
    7. Finally get to shout “Come on! Come on!” as loud as you want at a sports event without your partner telling you to be quiet. Who cares that the event is sports day?!
    8. Make new friends super easily, just by accompanying your children to school events, parties or the playground.
    9. Always have someone to play sports with or ride your bike with, and they’ll never make excuses to get out of it!
    10. Call time spent on the PlayStation ‘quality time’ because it’s time spent doing something with the kids.
    11. Make your partner happy by saying they can have 1 hour kid-free, while they do the food shop…
    12. Pull off the perfect date night for your partner without spending a penny. Just let them sleep peacefully.
    13. Always have a reason to go out and leave the housework because you simply must take your child to the park, cinema, shops…

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Dad’s and Mum’s tell us below, one thing YOU have found you can only do when a Dad!

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A Mother’s Job
September 7, 2015

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