24 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Does this sound familiar?… rainy days are still here, you’re running out of ideas (and energy!) fast and kids are getting more bored and demanding?!

We’ve put together a list of BeHappyMum Rainy Day Activities for kids to keep them entertained at home as well as outdoors!

1. Make a tent out of table, chairs, covers.

Are your children already excited by the idea of Camping? If the rain doesn’t allow you to play in the tent outside, why not do the same inside?

2. Cooking for a picnic at home

If they’re old enough, let the kids combine sandwiches or wraps on their own, let them mix the egg, or arrange the toast on plates, make fruit BBQ on a tooth sticks or if you have a really little one they can sprinkle some sugar and lemon on the fruit. The food can then be used for a picnic at home!

3. Teddy Bears Picnic

Pretend you’re sitting in the sunshine and eating your favourite food. Its rainy outside, but it can be bright and sunny in your mind! Set the room up like you would with a blanket and get your plastic cutlery out the teddy bears too. If the little ones need occupying whilst you get the blanket etc, ask them to make a sign or drawing saying teddy bears picnic you can put up to make it more of an event the kids will remember!

4. Map your home…

Encourage your kids to draw a map of your home with key elements like bedroom or kitchen table, then hide some toys and mark them on a map, like treasure. Tell your kids, they are pirates for the day and they need to help you seek the treasure. Ahoy Matey! They can measure the distances on the map by steps or your can give them a soft tape measure.

5. Body painting – a secret tattoo…

Face painting involves another person so they can draw on the each others’ face, so if you have more than one child, relax and put your feet up at least for 5 minutes whist your kids do the drawing themselves. Maybe, if you ever wanted a secret tattoo yourself, you can let your child use their talents and hace (sort of one) for the day!

Why not help your toddler or older child attention and memory skills by telling them to look around the house for patterns and shapes for inspiration of what to draw!

6. Box House

Ideal kids crafts game with siblings. You may need to pop a ground sheet or old sheet just to be safe. Give the little ones felt tips or coloured pens and find an empty large box in your garage… and let them decorate it into a house – whatever they want.. doors, windows or draw on sweets like Hansel & Gretel?! Later, if your kids can’t fit in the box, it can serve as a great house for toys or even pets!

7. Outlining home objects.

Kids already bored by colouring books and drawing? Show them how to outline the objects to make something new for them to be creative with. Start with hands, a hair brush, kitchen containers, a book, an eraser or a small toy and teach them how to outline objects outside or inside other lines and then create stories or pictures from the drawings!

8. Get Active with Indoor Bowling!

Put some empty plastic water bottles or anything of a similar height and weight on the floor in the shape of a triangle and give your child a ball to knock them over with. When was the last time you went to bowling, Mummy? How about you give yourself an energy boost too and test some competitive skills!

9. Indoor Fun Run

Even though you are limited from going outside in the rain and your kids are bursting with energy, why not let them do a fun run….at home? Build a minor obstacle course, like crawl under the table, walk along the “thin bridge” of a Skipping Rope and time your kids as they jump from A to B in order to avoid the “Lava”! You can track their time on your phone and record it in a diary to see the progress they are making for this activity! Speaking of smartphones, there are already tons of built-in features that you can use as separate games!

10. Baking

There are still a lot of things that kids can do in the kitchen! Let them wash the fruit, stir the flour, pour the water or milk and layer the fruit on the tray. And when they grow up, you never know, maybe they would end up cooking dinner for you some day! If you want to develop their skills at the same time, tell your kid certain quantities of fruit, sugar or milk that they need to pour in. See our collection of no bake recipes if you don’t want to wait for them to bake!

11. ‘Make your own’ pizza 

One more thing that you can do to entertain your kids in the kitchen. Make your own homemade pizza, and if you’re running low on ingredients it could be a nice excuse to get your kids out of the house and go shopping! (see ideas below!) If they are older they may enjoy making the base of the pizza, mixing, kneading and rolling and if younger children, they can sprinkle on their toppings! Yum!

12. Crafting

Not prepared and have no ideas? Use our Pinterest Board for making crafty bits at home, we have some great ideas that don’t require fancy craft materials just stuff from around your home.

From making paper plates into butterflies or making Gnomes out of toilet rolls– whatever is less mess that is fun and gives Mother and child quality time together. Why not pick up more ideas on crafting here with our ideas?

13. Dressing up the toys

Ask you child to pick their favourite toys they can dress them up with scarfs and any baby clothes you may have but better still, ,make accessories for them! String pasta tubes together and paint them first if you want! Stringing helps hand-eye coordination and will entertain your kids, especially if they are ages 3-7.

14. Dress up and make pictures.

Take everything out from your wardrobe – not only kid’s, but yours, too! Everything from beach outfits to nun outfits, from Marilyn Monroe to a Pirate costume using your scarfs! Boost your kids creativity and imagination! Let your child be the Top Model: they can do a catwalk and you can take a picture of them at the end like a real photographer would!

15. Target Practice.

This not only entertains both you and your child, this also helps you tidy the room. Put an empty box in the middle of the room and throw the soft toys in (soft, so they don’t hurt at accidental collision!) from where you picked them up, into the box and encourage your child to do the same. If they miss, encourage them to try again until it goes into the box!

16. To wind down.

Let them make a story; you start first, then they continue. Phrase by phrase, you can create a new fairy tale and we would love to hear your wonderful stories at @BeHappyMum!  This is great to try to mix up your bedtime routine and to wind down the kids.

17. Bath fun!

When it’s raining outside, you can also kill some time in the bathroom with indoor kids crafts! There are lots of games you can play, like Bubblemaking or Measuring Water by Containers, to name a few. For more Bath games, go to PlayMama App, they are all available for free! We know your in danger of disrupting the already difficult bath-time routine, but explain its a special fun bath and try tonight with bubbles and whisks!

18. DVD after dinner WITH printable characters!

Maybe watching TV is the first thing that comes to mind on a rainy day. Although, to make it special, print out the characters of the movie they’ve chosen and offer kids to colour them while watching the movie, so they’re not staring at the screen all the time! See our collection of printables here – even Elsa!

19. Guess What? Game

Write little notes with clues of where to find the next note and hide them around the house… you’ll need to give the first clue to your child so they can follow them like a real Sherlock Holmes! Don’t forget, that at the end of all the clues and hiding places there needs to be a reward for their achievements, or add to your reward chart if you have one!

You can still enjoy the day outside if it’s raining…

20. Play in the Rain

There are things that you can ONLY do when it’s raining…Play in the rain – jump in puddles, make mud pies and get wet! Waterproofs and wellies on – it’s fun for all ages – yes, you too! Whilst they are playing outside why not grab 5 minutes easy exercise with our FitMama App while they run around!

21. Soft play day

If your at the end of the school holidays and needing to catch a Mum breather, what could be better than watching your kids run around having fun, while having a hot cup of tea and chatting to others Mums at a Soft Play?! (Ok well Wine maybe but there’s also after bedtime for MeTime!)

22. Go to the Pet store or farm

Go to the nearest pet store, it’ s fun for all ages to see different fish, animals or insects! You can play games while looking at the animals, like spotting colours, naming the animals or creating stories about what they could be doing!

23. Go shopping

This is a thing that you may actually save for a rainy day. Let your kids chose the toppings for pizza themselves, puzzles to gather at home or a book that they’d like to read.

24. Quick walk around the block – give them your ‘grown-ups umbrella’

If it’s the end of the day and you haven’t managed to get your kids out of the house, and they’re still full of energy, then it’s a good idea to wind down and get some fresh air before going to bed. Take a quick walk around the block and give them your big grown-up umbrella to make them feel special!

 Tell us what your kids most enjoyed on a rainy day in this holiday! Give other Mothers your Real Mum Tip below!

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