Butt Squat Blooper: 3 Most Common PostNatal Exercise Mistakes

At BeHappyMum we love bite-size exercises that new mums can fit into their busy days.  And we know how important it is for new mums i the postpartum/post-pregnancy stage to exercise correctly when, so we’ve developed simple Do’s and Dont’s for each of our FitMama exercises. This sneak preview looks at the Butt Squat Blooper, one of the 3 most common workout mistakes that you don’t want affecting your post baby body!.

The Butt Squat Blooper

Simple squats are one of the most effective and well-known exercises for firming up your butt, one of the areas that everyday ‘mummy work’ simply doesn’t touch.  And we love squats because they can be done when you’ve just a few spare minutes – in the garden, in the kitchen waiting for the microwave to ping…even when you get up from a chair.  If you get them wrong, though, you’ll be disappointed by the lack of results, and time is a precious thing after having a baby so lets get it right mums!

The most common mistake when doing squats is to position your knees too far forward, so they’re in front of the tips of your toes, like this…

In this case, your buttock muscles (gluteals) are not engaged, so you’ll be putting in the efforts without getting results.

How to avoid the Butt Squat Blooper

Want a beautiful butt?  Then remember the geometry of this exercise!   Just make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees are in line with the tips of your toes, like this…

To get it right, and end up with an amazing bottom, follow these simple steps:

1)    Stand straight, rest your hands on a stable surface, like a table or kitchen worktop, for balance with your legs shoulder-width apart

2)    Breathe in slowly and lower yourself into a squat, pushing your bottom away from you as if you are sitting back on an imaginary chair. Pressing your heels to the floor gives you better balance and right extension of the bottom.

  • Don’t squat too deeply, and make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Make sure your knees stay in line with your feet as you squat.

3)    When your thighs are parallel to the floor, breathe out and slowly lift up to the starting position, using your buttock muscles to lift you.

Feel the difference?  This exercise really can be done anywhere, anytime – hello, firmer butt, hello FitMama!

Do speak to your doctor or health visitor before starting your post-baby exercise regime, to make sure your body’s ready to go after having had a baby. Its all very well wanting to lose the baby weight but it should be done sensibly.

Love these pictures and tips?  There are many more in our FitMama app.  And you’ll also get brilliant audio instructions, more Dos and Don’ts and the mobility to exercise anytime, anywhere even if its just the 5 or 10 minutes you have spare – your mobile phone is all you need.

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