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New Mother = No Time. However, exercising a little brings lots of benefits not only to your body but also to your mind and spirit, too! What about trying some home exercises with a baby around? No gym needed: just use the comfort of your home and get a habit of exercising while watching a movie with kids, talking on the phone or playing with your baby. Enjoy doing something for yourself and, eventually, get a stronger body with less post-pregnancy aches!

Please CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN OR DOCTOR before you start any fitness or yoga activities, especially if you just had a baby.

We’ve picked a few exercises from our Fitmama app that you can do while playing with your baby on a play mat or on the floor. Despite exercising without being disturbed is much more effective as you can bring your full focus inside your body and therefore be more aware of your movements, you can still practice with your baby around as long as YOU CAN FULLY WATCH your baby to make sure they’re secure and YOUR BABY IS ALWAYS in front of you so you can control your movement and do not kick them accidentally.

Take a moment when your baby is exploring the world around them and make these body movements.

Mummy Tummy

This will help you get rid of your mummy tummy. It’s simple but it’s really effective if you do it right.

Step 1. Lie on your back. Draw your knees up towards your body so that your shins and thighs make a right angle; keep your ankles and knees together and your shins parallel to the ceiling.

Step 2. Breathe out and press your lower back into the floor, keeping your legs in the same position.

To make sure you’re doing this properly put a small, soft piece of clothing under your lower back, and imagine that you are crushing it. Repeat this squeeze 15 times to complete the first round of exercising.

If your baby is climbing on your tummy during your exercise, just move your hands to hold them tight and still push your back into the floor.


Your back contributes a lot into your waist line. Exercise this workout to get that curve.

Step 1. Lie face down and stretch your body.  Put a small rolled towel under your ribs to decrease the pressure on your breasts, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Put your arms by your sides.

Step 2. Breathe out and raise your arms as if they’re wings, with your palms facing upwards.  Squeeze your shoulder-blades together, keep your arms tucked in and lift up your upper body.

Breathe out and return to the starting position.

Repeat this lift 15 times. Check the safety tips for your neck and shoulders in the Right and Wrong Section of FitMama app.

Just place your body in the direction that your baby is in front of you to eliminate the possibility of their interfering your exercising.

Bottom up!

This exercise is so effective for lifting your bottom back up after pregnancy and period of low physical activity, however it is still a kick of your leg that you’d do. So make sure your baby is in front of you and not behind your back so there is no chance of you kicking them.

Go down on your knees and forearms, keeping your knees together.

Step 1. Breathe out and lift your right leg with your heel pointing up, until you feel your buttocks tighten. Make sure you keep your lower back straight, not curved, and keep your right leg close in to your body, not to the side.

Step 2. Breathe out and return your leg to the starting position but don’t let it touch the floor.

Then lift your leg up again and feel the squeeze. Lift your leg and point your heel to the ceiling 15 times. Now switch to the other leg and lift it 15 times.

Full body line!

Plank is a static exercise that incredibly effective to strengthen your full body especially your core area.

Good news! You won’t stay long so your baby won’t get bored that quickly and you do not move while exercising so your baby is safe. But still place your body in the direction that you can watch your baby to make sure they’re safe.

Hip Whittler!

This helps target your hips.

Step 1. Start by lying on your left side with your left leg slightly bent at the knee. Place your head on your left hand, keeping your right hand in front of your body for balance.

Step 2. Lift your right leg up taking care you don’t overextend, with your heel pointing up to the ceiling.

Now slowly lower your leg and don’t let your ankles touch. Again, lift your right leg up. Repeat this up and down movement 15 times, making sure your right (lifting) leg doesn’t bend. Then turn over and do the other side!

You will feel the muscles working in the outer upper part of your moving leg.

Perfect Pins

Still on the floor from the last exercise Mum? Stay there! This exercise targets your inner thighs and done regularly, can improve the shape of your legs!

Lie on your left side with your head on your left hand, keeping your right hand in front of your body for balance. Place your right leg behind your buttocks.

Step 1. Lift your left leg up as high as possible in a smooth motion, keeping it straight and your heel pointing up to the ceiling.

Step 2. Then slowly lower it down making sure your ankle doesn’t touch the floor.

Feel the tension in the upper part of your inner thigh. Repeat this movement up and down 15 times. Then turn over to exercise your other leg.

Look into our FitMama app for fitness tips and make sure you exercise correctly!

Pelvic Flower

Kegel exercises. Who remembers to do them? Remind yourself how and fit this 5 min exercise into your daily routine. It’s SO worth it. Perfect for your time when you play with your baby on the floor!

In case you don’t know yet or you’ve simply forgotten, you can easily find your pelvic floor muscles as you use them to stop urinating.

To exercise these muscles slowly squeeze them but don’t tense your stomach and thighs. Hold the squeeze for 5 seconds, breathe normally, then release.

Use the flower image to help you re-create the Kegel effect.

Your baby is around and safe and you’ve got some Me-Time to strengthen your body, lift your energy and spirit!

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