The Crippling Crunch: 3 Most Common Exercise Mistakes

Yesterday, we talked about beautifying ours butts and looked at the Butt Squat Blooper – one of the 3 most common postpartum/post-pregnancy workout mistakes. Today, we’re looking at the mummy-tummy, with an illustrated guide on how to avoid the Crippling Crunch, another common (and potentially painful) mistake…

As we saw yesterday, it’s vital that new mums exercise correctly, to ensure their workouts are safe and effective.  Do next time you ask how can i lose my baby weight and flatten my mummy-tummy, check out FitMama helpful and simple Dos and Dont’s for each of our FitMama app exercises.  Here’s a sneak preview of  what we say about avoiding the Crippling Crunch.

Please CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN OR DOCTOR before you start any fitness or yoga activities, especially if you just had a baby. This particular exercise might be of contraindication to postnatal exercises for women with certain conditions.

The Crippling Crunch

If there’s one body zone that new mums want to tackle, it’s our tums. The abdominal crunch is one of the most popular and effective exercises for tightening your upper abdominals (six-pack) and waist.  These muscles are worked hard when you lift up your upper body from a lying position.

The most common mistake when doing crunches is to tuck your chin into year neck and squeeze your shoulders forward instead of your upper body, like this…

This not only wastes all your sweat and effort, but also results in neck and shoulder pain, often exacerbating the problems that new mums have anyway.

How to avoid the Crippling Crunch

We suggest 2 ways to improve your crunches and get better results for your post-baby body

Firstly, to keep your chin away from your neck, hold an apple or tennis ball there, like this…

This automatically puts you in the right position to engage your abs and lower your upper body off the floor – you’ll immediately feel your abs working.

Secondly, if you find it difficult to keep your elbows wide open during the exercise, then hold your thighs close to your knees and keep holding on as you lift your upper body, like this…

This gives you extra support while still giving your upper abs a good workout, so is a great alternative for the newest mums to try.

This tried and tested exercise really works – hello, firmer tum!

Do speak to your doctor or health visitor before starting your post-baby exercise regime, to make sure your body’s ready to go.

Love these pictures?  There are many more in our FitMama app.  And you’ll also get brilliant audio instructions, more Do’s and Dont’s and the mobility to exercise anytime, anywhere even if you just have the 5 or 10 minutes to spare – that is what FitMama is there for. Your mobile phone is all you need.

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