Why Should Mums Use Apps?

According to the statistics*, by 2017 a staggering 4.4 billion people worldwide will be using apps on their mobile devices.  But why are apps so popular?  And what’s in it for you?

Apps are, as you know, mini computer programmes that run on your mobile devices.  While many of us have a smartphone or tablet, a lot of us won’t be using apps on them – indeed, research** shows that far more people with smartphones use them to text than to access apps.  So if you’re a super-busy mum who’s not using apps, then read on to find out why using them could make your life a whole lot easier…

1.    You can use apps anytime, anywhere!
As a busy mum, every minute’s precious. With mobile apps, you can do what you need to do wherever you are, without even opening your laptop!  So goodbye to interrupted computer sessions (why do children always demand your attention just as you sit down at your computer?!).  Whether it’s social networking, doing a quick workout, planning meals or using a satnav, apps give you enormous flexibility and are fast, simple and straight to the point. Get out of your homes mums and get really mobile!

2.    They give you instant access to your internet stuff
We know you’ve better things to do with your time than accessing the internet on your phone’s web browser – HATE that tiny text and weird spacing!  So most online sites and services now have an app, making your everyday internet activity possible, instant and easy from your mobile.

3.    There’s an app for pretty much everything you want to do
As a mum, multitasking is a way of life.  And many app developers have invented apps to make your life easier.  Want to turn your phone into a baby monitor?  Check.  Use it to buy groceries?  Check.  Buy clothes from your favourite shops? Check. Use it as a radio?  Check.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – some moms’ favourites let you organise your family’s calendar, find local activities for kids, compare supermarket prices, create memory books, check kiddies’ symptoms…you get the picture!

4.    Apps are unique to you You are wonderful and unique – as are your activities and needs.  Good apps can be personalised and adapted to your timetable, your preferences and even personal details like your weight. They do this by letting you record these details, until your app is entirely your own.  And once you’ve saved those details, your apps will also remember them – a real bonus for busy mums!

Let your app become your friend and learn more about you.

5.    Apps adapt with you
App developers are constantly upgrading their apps in response to their customers’ feedback (a good reason for reviewing apps, by the way).  This means that your favourite apps are being adapted to meet your needs even more closely – that’s got to be good.

6.    They’re great for sharing
Most apps give you the option of sharing your activities with your friends – a brilliant way of keeping in touch with the people you love. So share, share, share – whether it’s happy pictures or details of a new dress.  You’ll find that it’ll go a long way towards helping you maintain your social life now you’re a mum.

7.    You’ll be ‘down with the kids’

Though your children will NEVER think you’re on their wavelength, it makes sense to understand the technology that they’ll be growing up with.  And at least your friends will think you’re cool!

Apps increase the choices for busy mums and help you access work, leisure and educational activities on the go.

So if you’re not already hooked, why don’t you give them a go?

*Portio Research, March 2013
**Nielsen Mobile Consumer Report, February 2013

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