Whether you have your Christmas gifts for the kids planned, or you are a last minute shopper, fear not!

We have carefully perused the Web for our Busy mothers with some great variety of festive presents for the kids, partner, friends, you and your home!

It will certainly help us at BeHappyMum save some time this Christmas!

1.Talking pets

These seem to be very popular with kids of all ages and can be helpful to encourage your young child’s speech too! We’ve found a great selection on Amazon here.

What’s special? These are great as they seem to have more longevity than some toys! As they are suited to both toddlers and children, they can be passed around siblings, or hopefully remain of interest for longer!


2.Personalised books

You may have seen them on facebook but these little gems have taken off like wildfire! Creating a personal an magical story for children, this is something that really lights up the kids faces when they see their name on the book! We like this frozen one!

What’s special?Rather than just another toy for Mum & Dad to try and sneak in the cupboard or the bin, this makes for a nice keepsake they can treasure when they are older!

3.Pie Face Game

Great for all the family to play we found this PieFace game , though newspaper or a groundsheet may be required as it may get messy(!) or if you’re warm like Australia right now, perfect to play this as an outdoor game! Why not add on some extra free games to keep the sprogs busy with PlayMama App- wherever you are – just pick their age mood place and go!

What’s special? Its not a board game you could play every day what with the mess – but makes it more exciting for the kids to play on special occasions and really have some fun and laughter- even the grown ups! Create great memories (without technology!) this Christmas!



4.Toys Houses, Toy Buses

A great range of toy buses can be a great hit – not just for young children and toddlers to play with, but some toy buses for older children with more of an interest! Maybe even Dad or Grandpa!


What’s special?

These toys are great for helping to encourage your child’s co-ordination, attention and memory – 3 of the 7 key skills we encourage with PlayMama App. They may look like they’re having fun, but they learn a great deal from these especially the toy bus from Amazon which helps with the child’s phonetics.


5. Night Light of their favourite character

If you are in Oz, this enchanting website My Night Light caters for all types of night light, standing, string, rechargable, clocks, the lot! Ideal if you need to buy for different aged siblings.

This glow in the dark My Little Pony Nightlight from Amazon is another great one for kids and would make bedtime routine perhaps more exciting to start! (we can hope!)

What’s special? Well in our eyes, the prospect of a new nightlight may give you 5 minutes extra MeTime if they are super excited to enjoy their new bedroom treat after Christmas – so grab a drink and relax!

6. Disney Frozen Sing a long Elsa Doll

Now unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this last year, you will know how popular Frozen still is with our kids! How about something different though to keep them excited with a sing along doll from Argos!

What’s Special? They can take it in turns to sing with Elsa and she even plays an instrumental version so your little superstar can sing away!

7. Star wars!

With the new release of Star Wars film coming this December, your little lad may just be overwhelmed with excitement at Christmas opening this gift, available on Amazon.

What’s Special? A great chance to encourage their imagination and get into character – which we know helps their early learning skills no end! And who knows, maybe dad may enjoy a play with these too!


8. Yoga Mat

If you do Yoga or fancy trying it from home like with our beginner post-pregnancy yoga app for pain relief WellMama – there are some great mats out that that don’t cost a fortune! Walmart have a great range or if you are in the UK, try Sweaty Betty for theirs!


9. Portable Charger

If you are a busy mother and rely on your mobile phone for daily routine or contacting your children and family – its reassuring to know we now have the opportunity to take a portable power outlet to charge your phone wherever you are! Simply charge at home then pop it in your bag and battery life will no longer be a problem!

10. Inspiring Book

Try some MeTime dedication this Christmas and why not start with an inspiring book? We suggest to start with Oprah Winfreys ‘What i know for sure‘ Encrouage some ‘down time’ with your kids, give them some quiet games or books and enjoy your new read at the same time.


11. Home Decor – wooden signs

Etsy sell some fantastic pieces for you to decorate your home with or for others! Just careful how long you spend drooling over their website and all the homemade looking gifts, it took us a while!

Whats special? So many beautiful signs to choose from, some with great written sayings you’ll probably find suit your friends and family perfectly!

12. Homecrafts

If you want to make something a little more personal with your own creative touch, then we have some great ideas for Christmas gifts you can make at home, which don’t require expert crafters! See our Pinterest board here

13. Polaroid Camera

Remember the old polaroid cameras Mums? Well Polaroid have the 21st century version instant colour photos which should bring back some nostalgia and help to create new memories with your family! The new one is here!

Whats special? You can even crop, add borders or apply filters!


14. Personalised images!

You can get many things personalized these days for the whole family, why not try something a little humorous for the man in your life!


15. Water Garden

If you are short on space in your home or just like the look of combining the two then this makes a perfect addition to your family home!

What’s special? Not only does it make for a great centerpiece in your home, the dual mechanism also works as an ecosystem making you super eco-friendly! Plus the children will surely be very happy with some fish as new pets!

16. Chocolate Moulds

If you or your little one like baking this could be a great addition to your kitchen and fun to make to indulge or pop into some kilner jars, tie a ribbon around and give homemade chocolate christmas gifts!

You could then find extra use for this, when in the kitchen you can try our FitMama 5 minute kitchen top exercises while you wait, keep your baby entertained in the kitchen with these ideas or even get your mouth watering with our selection of great recipes for baking with kids!

We hope you have found some inspiration from our Best Christmas Gifts for Kids! Stay tuned to our BeHappyMum Advent Calendar this month with something for you and the kids each day!