Determined to zip-up the FAVOURITE party dress this December?

We have picked the BEST mummy tummy exercises for you to do at HOME to work on your WAISTLINE from all angles and look FABULOUS

Watch out for our 5 top tips throughout this blog to help you!

1. Super Abs

This will help you get rid of your mummy tummy. It’s simple but it’s really effective if you do it right.

  • Lie on your back. Draw your knees up towards your body so that your shins and thighs make a right angle; keep your ankles and knees together and your shins parallel to the ceiling.

  • Breathe out and press your lower back into the floor, keeping your legs in the same position.
  • To make sure you’re doing this properly put a small, soft piece of clothing under your lower back, and imagine that you are crushing it. Repeat this squeeze 15 times to complete the first round of exercising.
  • For better effect, perform this exercise 3 times in rotation with a second one to make 3 rounds of 15 repetitions in total.
  • If you’re doing this right, you’ll feel the workout in your lower abdomen.
  • To make it MORE DIFFICULT, move your knees away from your chest while keeping your shins parallel to the ceiling.

2. Back’n’Waist

Your back contributes a lot to your waist line; so use this exercise to workout and get that curve!

  • Lie face down and stretch your body. Put a small rolled towel under your ribs to decrease the pressure on your breasts, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Put your arms by your sides.

Breathe out and raise your arms as if they’re wings, with your palms facing upwards. Squeeze your shoulder-blades together, keep your arms tucked in and lift up your upper body.

  • Breathe out and return to the starting position.
  • Repeat this lift 15 times. For better effect, perform this exercise 3 times in rotation with a second one to make 3 rounds of 15 repetitions in total.
  • Check the safety tips for your neck and shoulders in the Right and Wrong Section of FitMama app.

3. Waspy Waist

  • Stand up straight with your right side touching the wall, and legs shoulder-width apart. Lift your arms straight above your head.

  • Now, breathe in and slowly lean to the left, stretching your upper body and keeping your head right in the middle of your outstretched arms. Your hip can rest against the wall.
  • Stop when you feel the maximum stretch. Breathe out slowly and bring your body and arms back to the starting position.
  • In total do 3 sets of 15 stretches on each side.
  • If you find it difficult keeping your arms parallel (that gives you the maximum effect) have a look at the variations at FitMama App.

4. Tummy Tuck

The abdominal crunch is one of the most popular and effective exercises for tightening your upper abdominals (six-pack) and waist. These muscles are worked hard when you lift up your upper body from a lying position.

To exercise and train your upper abdominals and improve your waist and six pack:

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your hands behind your head. Stretch your elbows flat on the floor.
  • Breathe out and lift your upper body, trying to keep your elbows open wide, keeping your chin away from your neck and lifting your back as high as possible .
  • Breathe out and lower your body back to the floor.

Some tips on this from Fitmama app…

The most common mistake when doing crunches is to tuck your chin into your neck and squeeze your shoulders forward instead of your upper body, like this…

We suggest 2 ways to improve your crunches and get better results for your post-natal body

Firstly, to keep your chin away from your neck, hold an apple or tennis ball there, like this…

Secondly, if you find it difficult to keep your elbows wide open during the exercise, then hold your thighs close to your knees and keep holding on as you lift your upper body, like this…

This gives you extra support while still giving your upper abs a good workout, so is a great alternative for the newest mums to try. This tried and tested exercise really works – goodbye mummy tummy, hello, firmer tum! Do speak to your doctor or health visitor before starting your post-natal exercise regime, to make sure your body’s ready to go.

Increase your movement. It can be increasing your walking pace or leaving a bus little earlier than your usual bus stop to give yourself little extra movements. Why not take the stairs instead of the lift?

   Do not look for anything NEW for you or try the latest trendy methods you have just found online. Stick to the basics.

   Do not plan any exhausting activity in hope to achieve better results. Your body might be not ready for this stress and you risk ruining the whole plan.

Instead a little exercising and often is always more effective.

Squeeze those exercises into your daily activity. At home, at the office, at the playground with the kids, postnatal routine, even whilst cooking dinner.

IMPORTANT: exercise correctly. Do not waist your precious time for something your muscles do not feel and appreciate. Be aware of your every movement.

Correct exercising is not only more effective but also safe especially if you’ve just had a baby and looking to lose baby weight or just feel healthy and re-energised in the post-pregnancy phase

How to fit this workout into your busy day? Just get a habit of practicing Super Abs and Tummy Tuck if you on a Floor playing with baby or on a sofa watching a movie or talking on phone.

Waspy Waist is so easy to do while waiting for pasta to boil. Takes just 3-4 minutes.

Have you found our Top 4 Mummy tummy exercises for home helpful? Don’t forget to get the FitMama App for free to get more 5 and 10 minute easy exercises for home!