Heavily pregnant, just gave birth, still breastfeeding? If you’re not yet back into your favourite dress, there’s NO reason why you can’t look GORGEOUS for any upcoming parties and festivities!

We’ve rounded up the best options for you to SAVE TIME and feel like a STAR!

We’ve picked outfits for you away from specific pregnancy departments to show you what can be achieved through different styles.

Swingy Trapeze Dresses

This shape is both elegant and kind to your mummy tummy! Whatever your size or height this style of dress is very flattering as it doesn’t cling to your stomach bits, perfect if you’re not quite ready or don’t wish to lose baby weight. This Dorothy Perkins Embellished Trapeze dress would make for a glamorous part frock!

Chiffon Layered Dress

Another lovely style is layers! Also found on House of Fraser is embroidered and easy to wear after pregnancy sure to leave you feeling very comfortable amongst your mummy duties as well as being out!

Trousers with Loose Blouses

If you don’t fancy a dress, or have a festive event a bit less formal, the combination of trousers with a gorgeous TOP as your main focus can be very dazzling yet comfortable. This Jane Norman chiffon top takes our fancy!

Another Jane Norman top via House of fraser, this blue chiffon blouse is layered, taking the focus away from your postpartum tummy and toward the detail of the layers! Also great if you’re running around after energetic little ones!

Dressing for pregnancy means we need clothes kind and comfortable for all areas of our growing bodies! These maternity outfits we think are both kind to our mummy tummy’s and bottom as they give a light freedom to these body areas.

Maternity Tunic Dress

Maternity Skater Dress

Maternity Camisole Top


Breastfeeding in public unfortunately requires careful planning of the top half of clothes! It can be hard to find practical breastfeeding styles when you need to go and breastfeed at a party, so we’ve picked out some great styles for you to have a look at!

Front Zip Dresses

This front zip print dress makes for the perfect breastfeeding dress and if your conscious of zipping too far down to reveal your chest, just pop a strappy top underneath or a matching coloured maternity bra.

Fancy something a bit more Diva’ish? If you’re looking for something more outgoing here’s a lovely zip front bodycon dress so convenient for you and baby to reach when feeding time arrives!

Kimono Style

Now here’s a style tried and tested by our very own BeHappyMum team! We love Kimono style as its elegant, very trendy and so EASY to wear! With the loose wrap around style, this is our favourite breastfeeding style!

Another Kimono style; this floral print is great if you’re fancying a brighter or patterned dress for your Christmas party or general festivities mothers! We love that you can tie up around the middle, making this more versatile for a different shape body after childbirth.

Layered Chiffon Top

Whether you are in a warmer country like Australia or in the cold UK like us, layered chiffon tops are equally as practical for breastfeeding, just pick one with the appropriate material and thickness. We love the chiffon top here allowing you to put your own layers on first (recycle your clothes Mums!) and then glam it up with an over-the-top number like this blue one.


Long Dresses

If you require a more formal festive outifit, fear not! The wrap around ruching on the chest area allows you to pull aside to feed your little one whilst remaining beautifully poised! This gold foil patterned designer dress is currently reduced and would certainly make you feel fabulous!

If floral is more your thing, or you fancy trying a new style, this is very flattering for the postpartum shape as the pattern keeps the attention away from one particular place and is flattering for most shapes and floaty to wear. Again, allows you to layer up for breastfeeding with a top underneath.

We’ve picked two of our favourite specific maternity and breastfeeding dresses from specific online maternity dresses. Loving this one from BellMama, with pretty lace detail allowing you to pull aside the tunic discreetly and even layer up underneath with a long sleeved top for a boho look if you wish!

And lastly, Tiffany Rose’s very elegant block-colour breastfeeding dress is not only a knockout for your festive outing, but just as good as a mummy treat to wear on Christmas Day! Because we work hard enough making everyone else’s day special, it’s only right you feel great too!

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